The Horizon Europe CAPTUS project is happy to announce the launch of its website, which will be one of its most important communication and dissemination tools.

The website brings together general information about the project (e.g. concept, workflow, partnership, etc.), the latest news and events and social media. Soon, the visitors of the website will also have access to publications, public deliverables and other outcomes of the project. All communication material developed by CAPTUS (e.g. flyers, press releases, newsletters, etc.) will be available in the resources section.

Furthermore, the CAPTUS website allows visitors to get in touch with CAPTUS using a dedicated e-mail address. By the way, to get updated on its latest progress, events and findings, do not forget to subscribe to the CAPTUS newsletter in the “Contact” section.

The website will be maintained by partner SIG (leader of WP8, Dissemination and Communication) with the support of CIRCE (CAPTUS coordinator) and the whole consortium.