On the frame of the 24th WHEC-24 (June 23 – 27, 2024) held in Cancun, México, Prof. Angel Irabien (Universidad de Cantabria), as a Plenary Speaker, presented an overview of our EU-funded CAPTUS project during a Plenary Conference.

Additionally, Guillermo Diaz Sainz (Universidad de Cantabria), also brought the project with an oral contribution (Recent Advances and Challenges in Continuous CO2 Electroreduction toward formic acid or formate as a hydrogen carrier molecule), presenting some findings and results from the third of the three demo sites running within the project.

The WHEC is the most well-known conference in the field of hydrogen energy, under the auspices of the International Association for Hydrogen Energy (IAHE). Its 24th edition in Cancun hosted more than several thousands of attendees from more than hundred countries and offered numerous opportunities for participants, exhibitors and sponsors to exchange scientific and market information with global leaders in business, governments and scientific communities.

WHEC-2024 Cancun (