During the next four years, the EU-funded project CAPTUS will investigate carbon capture technologies and strategies to help energy intensive industries (EIIs) to offset energy costs and increase their overall sustainability. To do so, CAPTUS will build and test pilot installations at three demonstration sites – a steel plant in Belgium, a chemical plant in Portugal and a cement plant in Spain – serving as representatives for typical EIIs.

Detailed information on each of the different CAPTUS demonstration sites (e.g. key partners, involved technologies, etc.) can now be found on the three dedicated sub-pages on the project website:

CAPTUS Demonstration site 1 – CAPTUS (

CAPTUS Demonstration site 2 – CAPTUS (

CAPTUS Demonstration site 3 – CAPTUS (

@ArcelorMittal Belgium (Demonstration site 1)

@HyChem (Demonstration site 2)

@GCPV cement Plant (Demonstration site 3)