Hychem, Química Sustentável SA

HyChem – Química Sustentável, S.A. (formerly Solvay Portugal, S.A) is a company specialized in hydrogen chemistry and a strategic partner in the Industry’s transition to carbon neutrality.

It operates in the market under the signature “energy is in us”, which reflects both its electro- intensive nature and its purpose of change: HyChem seeks to integrate renewable energy sources, circular economy practices, and sustainability solutions, aiming to become a role model in industrial transformation and decarbonisation.

Located in Póvoa de Santa Iria (VF de Xira), HyChem manufactures and commercializes sodium chlorate, an essential product for the Pulp and Paper sector, and hydrogen, supplied to Solvay Peróxidos, with whom HyChem operates in industrial symbiosis.

Main role in the project:

HYCHEM is implicated in the work packages concerning the baseline assessment and definition of the project framework, the production of oil from hydrothermally liquefied algae fed by carbon dioxide from chemical industry, the validation and impact assessment and exploitation. HYCHEM is providing a real industrial environment in demonstration site 2 and its unique role in the CAPTUS project is to lead the Task 4.5 in charge of real demonstration of coupled algae cultivation and downstream HTL.