DRAXIS Environmental SA

DRAXIS ENVIRONMENTAL SA was founded in Thessaloniki in 2000, aiming to provide comprehensive environmental management solutions and environmental IT. The increased demand on high technical standards services in the broader field of environment have been the starting point for the development and use of a range of new information technologies. Thus, the development of environmental databases and applications that combine Internet and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technologies is one of the core activities of DRAXIS, not only as standalone systems but also as tools for environmental planning and control. DRAXIS is specialized in providing services on environmental studies and environmental design, environmental data and geographic information systems and consultancy services.

Main role in the project:

DRAXIS is implicated in the work packages 2 and 6 concerning the baseline assessment and definition of the project framework and the validation and impact assessment. Draxis is also the leader of the Task 6.4 which objective is to provide and integrated Life Cycle assessment for the triplet of developed solutions. Furthermore, DRAXIS will be the responsible partner in collaboration with all demo site partners who will provide feedback, information and data based on their results on the CO2 and RE surplus conversion.