Center for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH): Chemical Process and Energy Research Institute (CPERI)

The Chemical Process Engineering Research Institute (CPERI), is a non-profit research and technological development (RTD) organization that was founded in 1985 in Thessaloniki, Greece. In March 2000, CPERI became a founding member of a new research center, theCenter for Research and Technology-Hellas(CERTH), established in Thessaloniki and administered by the General Secretariat for Research and Innovation (GSRT) of the then Ministry of Development & Investment.

CPERI/CERTH’s mission is to conduct high caliber basic and applied research, to develop novel technologies and products and to pursue scientific and technological excellence in selected advanced areas of Chemical Engineering, including Clean Energy, Environment and Climate, Sustainable Industry and Bioengineering, in response to the needs of the Greek and European industrial and productive sector.

Main role in the project:

Implicated in the work packages concerning the production of oil in demonstration site 2, the validation and impact assessment and communication and dissemination activities, CERTH unique role in the CAPTUS project is to lead the Task 6.1 relative to the characterization and uprading studies of the obtained RECs.